Saint Johns County Fishing Collab!

At the beginning of the internship, we were offered an opportunity to work alongside Saint Johns County Parks and Rec department. After previous programs, my favorite has been the last event we are holding with their groups of kids. Our outreach team teaches the children about the history of Fort Matanzas along with teaching the kids how to fish safely in a controlled environment. after the first two days of introductions and learning, on the last day we bring them to a fishing site and allow the kids to fish with frozen bait to catch their first fish!

Our team is allowed the chance to learn with the kids by seeing how they grow and watching their eyes light up as they realize they have caught their first fish. We hope this not only makes them enjoy the hobby but eventually makes them lifelong fishermen. Fishing is a survival skill and a way to provide food in a new way for some. It brings the classroom to a new area to not only keep the kids intrigued and engaged but to help them learn more about different hobbies.

Having the opportunity to bring these groups something new and hopefully change their lives brings me so much joy. I loved working with Fish and Feathers alongside the National Park Service because I was able to provide the community with a service I wish I was able to participate in when I was younger. Being able to teach and work with amazing peers made this summer not only one of the best but memorable as well. The connections with those around me, the lessons taught and the passion shared to teach, protect and conserve the environment around us created a team that can build upon each other.

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