Talaya Fishing in Guam

Hi! I made this video to educate more people about Talaya — or net fishing — in Guam. I have included the script below. Enjoy 🙂

For centuries, Chamorros have used a variety of fishing methods to harvest the marine life around Guam and the Marianas Islands. Amongst these methods is net fishing, which is often used to catch large groups of fish. 

Net fishing has taken many forms in the Chamorro culture – Lågua’, Chenchulu, and Tekken are a few of the most popular ways to net fish in the islands. 

This summer, I went on a journey to learn more about Talaya – or cast net fishing in Guam. Talayas are circular nets wih weights at the bottom, and can be used to catch anything from mañahak (juvenile rabbit fish) to tataga’ (unicornfish).  

I started by accompanying Talayeru Bill Fujikawa on a fishing trip at Urunao beach, in the North of the island. We began by walking out to the reef flat, and watching where the water broke over the reef for schools of fish. 

Once he spotted the fish, he threw the net out. 

Soon, we were untangling a school of Amo’tan from the net! 

Everyone came over to help Uncle Bill pick up the net and take out the fish.

After this fishing trip, I knew that I wanted to incorporate talaya fishing into my Peskadot Junior Ranger Angler programs with the War in the Pacific National Historical park. 

With the help of Mrs. Aina Fleming,  I got into contact with Talayeru Vicente R. Hernandez. He volunteered at our fishing programs to teach kids on the island how to throw talayas!

They had tons of fun, and some of them even caught fish with their talayas! 

Un dangkulo na si Yu’os ma’ase to the talayerus who helped me learn more about traditional fishing this summer!

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