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Hello Again!

My name is Olivia Barragan Velasquez, I am originally from Washington State but I have been living in Illinois for about 5 years. Living here has given me the opportunity to explore different fields. I have recently been accepted as a Recreation and Public Engagement Tech through the Resource Assistant Program for Environment for the Americas. I am stationed in Vienna, IL for the Shawnee National Forest managed by the US Forest Service. I currently live in Carbondale, IL where I graduated with a Bachelors from Southern Illinois University with a major in Outdoor Recreation and a minor in Environmental Studies.

Before this position I was an intern at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge also through Environment for the Americas as a Visitor Services/Environmental Education Intern. Before that, I had lots of experience with environmental education working at Cache River State Natural Area, Giant City State Park, and Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center.

I’m so excited for the opportunity to work alongside US Forest Service. I’m brand new to all of this and willing to try everything. I have been working in the field with Trail Maintenance crew, Recreation Maintenance crew, the YCC, and in the office I’m working on signage projects. The combination of both is amazing and I get to do something different each day. I am finding myself gravitating towards the Trail crew, Fire, or wildlife biology. I’m mostly just excited to be able to be out in the field and not sit in an office all day every day. I’m excited for the opportunities this internship will bring me. I would love to begin a career for US Forest Service; my experience here so far has been outstanding.

-Olivia Barragan Velasquez

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