Surrounded by the Forest: Intro to Asael Rodriguez

Patrolling the river

Hello everyone! My name is Asael Rodriguez!

This year I will be acting as a resource assistant for the recreation department in the Huron-Manistee Ranger District in Wellston, Michigan. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent the mission of Environment for the Americas along with that of the US Forest Service.

As a resource assistant I am primarily responsible for maintaining the quality of river access sites along the Manistee River as well as elevating recreation opportunities. In addition to this, I am currently getting in contact with organizations across the district that share the same sentiment for the forest and its wellbeing. Outreach and communication are crucial for conservation, especially for the mission of the Forest Service. I am looking forward to facilitating contact between organizations and our district. 

Originally from Southern Texas, I cannot contain my excitement for the upcoming seasons of Michigan! Knowing how to snowmobile and snowboard seem to be a rite of passage. I love being always surrounded by the forest and looking out my apartment window to see deer grazing on grass and chipmunks collecting nuts. However, the picture would not be complete unless I mention the woodchuck (who I named Wilmer) that lives across the street and how he greets me every morning. The people are great, the fauna and flora of Michigan are amazing, and the forest is breathtaking.

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