A Goodbye to Trinity River

A Goodbye to Trinity River

Time spent amongst trees is time never wasted. -Katrina Mayer

Time is a precious thing. For many, they spend their whole lives running away from time. The time spent in a job they don’t enjoy, the time spent wishing for a new life, but to take the time to reflect on everything that is precious in your life is something to not fear. Today, our society is unfamiliar with the idea that we aren’t in a hurry to settle down, to chase your passions and seek an experience that puts you out of your comfort zone. The nerves that come with making a decision to dive headfirst into something that could change the course of the rest of your life are truly valuable. Getting the opportunity to experience first hand what it means to be welcomed to, to be seen, to be heard, this is what it means to be in a community that cares. Without Environment for the Americas many people wouldn’t have this opportunity to feel welcomed.

I want to thank everyone with EFTA, but most importantly for the people at Trinity River National Wildlife Service. The entire time I was here I felt not only welcomed, but as if I were another employee. I never felt taken advantage of, out of place, or judged for the things I didn’t know. If it wasn’t for my time here I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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