I am standing in front of a waterfall

Best Waterfalls of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Among all the amazing places to explore in the Great Smoky Mountains, the waterfalls are without doubt jaw-droppings experiences. Thanks to my passion for hiking, I was able to visit almost all of the waterfalls in the park, or at least the most famous ones. All the way from the shortest to the tallest one. There was a great variety of waterfalls in and around the park, some were rather disappointing while others inspired you.

Deep Creek area waterfalls

What makes this area so special is the fact that you could see three waterfalls for around 1.8 miles round-trip, which compared to other hikes in the park, is a very nice trade.

The first waterfall encountered is Juney Whank falls and it lies to the left side of the trail, its the only waterfall that takes a little elevation to get to. The next waterfall is Tom Branch falls and its where I was able to do a fly fishing program. Although most of the river is not too deep, the area in front of the waterfall provides a wide, open space to practice fly fishing to visitors. The furthest waterfall is the Indian Creek Falls and is probably the best one to refresh yourself as well..

Abram Falls

Abram Falls

Midnight Hole and Mouse Creek Falls

Mingo Falls

I am standing in front of Mingo Falls
Mingo Falls 1 mile

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