A Day in My Life: Recreation Resource Assistant

Hello again!  Today I’ll be giving you a glimpse into what my typical day looks like for me.  While I generally work from home, I thought it would be fun to also include what a typical day in the field might be like as well.  Keep in mind that this schedule is a little bit hectic because I’m currently training for a full distance triathlon race.

My Position: Recreation Resource Assistant – MBRTB*    Location: Work From Home, Laramie, WY


5:15am - Already Out Running (Home)
5:20am - Pre Field Work Exercise (Laramie, WY)

non-field work

field work

These are the majority of my days.  I typically work from home these days.

This is any day I’m collecting data. Usually, there are two or more field work days in a row so I give a two day itinerary here.

4:45 AM – Wake Up   I typically 

5:00 AM – Exercise   Gotta beat the heat!

7:30 AM – Breakfast/ Get Ready   I am quite partial to a toasted bagel w/deli meat and cheese

8:00 AM – Work   This is when I open my planner and plan out my daily tasks.  After that I turn my computer on and start in on my list. My current projects are mapping dispersed camping sites, entering data into the Natural Resource Management Database, and QCing my field data.

Noon – Lunch  30 minutes. Typically leftovers or another bagel sandwich

5-5:30 PM – End Work   

6:00 PM – Exercise   A bike or run depending on the heat

7:30 PM – Dinner

8:15 PM – Wash Up and Relax

9:30 PM – Go to Sleep

This cycle typically just repeats until the weekend or until I have field work.

5:00 AM – Wake Up  

5:45 AM – Leave for Work

7:00 AM- Arrive at Laramie Office

7:15 AM – Head Out into the Field   My field work is either heading to the trails for eTRACS (trail surveys) or heading out to a ranger district to survey recreation fee sites.  One is walking/running trails while surveying the features and the other is going to all the recreation fee sites on the forest and surveying the amenities at them.

Noon – Lunch This is generally a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

5:30 PM – End Field Work

5:45 PM – Relax for Evening  This could be exercising, but also could be pitching camp and reading a book.  

7:00 PM – Dinner  Peanut butter on bread is my staple here.

8:00 PM – Head to Bed

 4:45 AM – Wake Up

5:00 AM – Exercise   This is almost always a run

6:00 AM – Breakfast

7:00 AM – Start Field Work

Noon – Lunch   This is usually another peanut butter and jelly sandwich

5:00 PM – Back from Field Work  At this point I am usually back in Laramie. 

6:00 PM – Return Vehicle   This is only after I have filled up the gas tank, and cleaned the vehicle.  

6:15 PM – Leave for Home

7:30 PM – Arrive Home   

7:45 PM – Dinner and Clean Up

9:30 PM – Go to Bed

I hope you found this interesting and I hope to see you in the next post!

*MBRTB = Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland

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