Most days are fun, most days are intriguing, most days have beautiful views. Many of the days are unexpected. We never know what the day will bring, but we are always learning more about the forest each and every day. We tend to volunteer and get connected with the local community and participate in their activities. We helped the children make buttons and teach them how to cast a fish. After learning, they fished by the river and tried to catch some trout. Luckily the children were able to catch plenty of trout. The fishing event was a success in the end. 6 big trout were caught by a few girls and boys. I am determined to catch some trout of my own!

The fishing regulations for the State California costs about $54.00 dollars for residents while NON-residents costs about $145.80 while a one day fishing license is $17.54 & a two day is $27.00 for both resident and non residents. Being able to have two rods is another fee of $17.02. It is important to learn the rules and regulations for wherever you are fishing. It is your responsibility to learn how to identify and differentiate from an adult to a juvenile fish. Including how many fish you are able to keep and release.

Other days we get called in many incidents or accidents. It ranges between, vehicle accidents, campfires being made in fire restricted areas, lost children, illegal parking, illegal dumping, etc. Everyday is unexpected and we quickly learn how to take control of the situation learn how to correctly write reports and statements of the accidents, incidents, or tickets. We also learned what we should do when accidents do happen such as crowd control, take notes of the incidents, take plenty of pictures of the accidents. Learning military time, radio codes, regulation codes, and reading the ticket to the individual. We continue to learn and engage in communication with Cal Fire, County Medical, CHP Officers, etc.

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