What I do as a Recreation Assistant Intern

Trail to Isabella Point

This months blog is asking what do I as a RAP intern do in a typical day at work. Its a very good question but sometimes a day, just doesn’t cut it

So I’m going to tell you what I have been doing as Recreation Assistant intern, for the Sequoia National Forest.

  • Every Monday, I go out with the Keepers of the Kern, they’re a group of local seniors who help clean up various campsites every Monday, 7AM sharp. Then afterwards I go to the rest of campsites and recreation sites, and pickup any and all trash that is left or dump behind from the busy weekend.
  • I help manage the reservations at Hobo Campground, so every day I check for whose staying and then go put out their name placard at the site of reservation. This way there’s no excuse on who should be there.
  • I also travel to each campsite to make sure no one is doing anything that violates the forest orders on campfires, charcoal fires, or any open flame that isn’t propane.
  • Making sure that all signs are up and visualized, or creating new signs for the public to see about any and all new information regarding river safety or new campground rules.
  • I used a mobile app to make GPS data points/lines to create a new map for people to have a visual representation of Hobo Campground so they know where on the river they will be reserving there spot at. Which will get posted to rec.gov.
  • I also have other projects that involved map making, one is making an updated map trail in collaboration with local tribal organizations. Another one is making a map of all of the unofficial road pullouts, in order to track visitation and trash buildup.
  • I also go out and take monthly water samples at five different sites, so we can monitor the river health level.
  • Lastly attend any meetings, webinars, and trainings.
Taking Water Samples
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