A Day in the Life of A Washington Office Resource Assistant

As a resource assistant for Washington Office Wilderness, Wild and Scenic River (WWSR) Program, my day to day is very different from my peers working out of the forests. I work remotely so all of my work is done from my home office. I usually start my day at 8AM by responding to emails and replying to teams messages. I usually have meetings mid-morning with people from within my program and across the USFS. After that I usually transition to working on my project. I am currently doing two case studies, one of the Fossil Creek Wild & Scenic River and one of the El Toro Wilderness Wilderness. For this project, one of the major duties is interviewing forest service staff assigned to these areas.  I often have meetings daily with biologist, forest planners, social scientists and other key staff to (WWSR) management. Between these meetings and in the afternoon I work on data gathering and analysis. A large part of my project is collecting geospatial data. My afternoon is often spent doing GIS training and analysis.  I also often do other data analysis and graph generation. 

This is my normal day to day but there is a lot of variability. I often get the oppurtunity to do special events and training. Some examples of what I have done so far is attending the Society for Conservation GIS conference virtually and attending the New Mexico Wildlife Society Meeting in person! I am also working with local forest service staff, especially wilderness managers, to join in field projects in my region.

New Mexico Wildlife Society Meeting with fellow EFTA RAP Intern! 

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