My Forest is an Office!

When most people think of Forest Service staff, they think of rangers in the field. However, a lot of employees work out of regional or even the Washington Office. I work out of the latter, which means my duties and responsibilities are quite different. It even more unique because I am teleworking, so I work out of my home office. My position has many pros and cons, but overall I love working for the Washington Office. Teleworking means I can connect with Forest Service staff from across the country in mere minutes from teams. This is great for networking and professional development because I get to meet so many great employees! I also get to work directly with the directors and other high level employees, which is an amazing professional development opportunity. In terms of my position working for the Washington Office means the research and projects I am working on benefit forests nationwide. This is a great inspiration for me.  The cons are that I do not get to spend my days admiring the forests of the systems. As a biologist, I love going out in the field. However, my position means that I am well connected with my local forests, which gives me the opportunity to plan field visits to get hands on experience. Overall, working for the Washington Office is a great place, even if I am not working out of the physical office!

My favorite coworker. She loves networking (aka jumping in front of my camera during team meetings)

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