My Life as an LEO

A day in my life while working this internship is nothing short of extraordinary. Sometimes my days can be mundane, but it just means that when the days are busy, they extremely exciting! I typically start my day with breakfast and taking a drive through the Mt. Hood scenic byway, looking at the amazing views of the mountain as I drive to Sandy, Parkdale, Dufur, or Hood River. as I arrive, I would then get in the patrol vehicle with my commanding officer for that week, and spend the entire day going around learning about the job. Creating contacts with people in the forest and helping enforce laws and ordinances are my main responsibilities while on patrol. For lunch, we would typically go to a restaurant or to one of the food trucks Oregon is known for. After we eat, we continue to patrol or we would go to the office. While in the office, we would go over the day, discuss my performance, and fill out incident reports. depending on how hectic the day on patrol was, I could even create a case report to draft up for the captain. As I return back to my housing, I usually call my dad. He is a retired captain of the Auburn Police Dept., so his insight is always helpful whenever I debrief with him. This internship has done nothing but prepare me and solidify my interest in becoming a law enforcement officer for the National Forest Service. This internship has been a blessing to me and my family.

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