My Job : Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) by DeTroy James.

Posed in front of a patrol vehicle.

A day in the life of a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) is unpredictable. You really never know what the day may bring. There are a lot of high flying moments that happens here in Southern Oregon when it comes to Law Enforcement. Staying active and alert is key to being a LEO since thousands of acres are assigned to one officer to cover. Also, there is a lot that happens behind the scene with paperwork, court appearances, and other obligations. During my internship, I’ve been engaged in a lot of trainings and experiencing real world situations while riding along with different LEO’s. It has been fun and rewarding so far. The annual K-9 training that was hosted here in the Rouge River-Siskiyou National Forest had to be my favorite training so far. 

Me in a dog bite suit during K-9 training.
Me getting attacked by a K-9 in a training scenario.

We tend to many accidents and incidents that occurs on National Forest land. These include responding to car accidents, locating stolen vehicles, contacting homeless encampments, and dealing with campers/daily visitors every week. There is never a dull day in the National Forest due to how big the land is and the many people that visits on a daily basis. I am enjoying my time as a Law Enforcement Officer Intern. I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a LEO and the lifestyle that comes with it.  I am looking forward to my future as a Law Enforcement Officer for the U.S. Forest Service. 

Putting out an unattended campfire.
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