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Control Tactics Training

Recently, I was allowed to be a part of a control tactic training as a part of the mandatory 8 hour annual qualification for a Law enforcement officer of the Forest Service. I learned so much about the use of force as well as ways to effectively ensure compliance in a disadvantageous situation. We also watched and critiqued recent body cam footage when the officer had used force to get compliance. As a group we discussed why the officer reacted the way they did, and what the officer could have done to make the contact safer. In one situation, the officer chased a suspect that had his body bladed, appearing to become violent or find a way to escape. While the officer was trying to apprehend the suspect, the officer was struck in the neck with a knife. subsequently, the officer began to give chase and use his taser rather than going lethal. After the discussion, we were taught techniques that could be used to create separation for us to be able to use our tools as officers to protect ourselves, or make it to where we are able to make an safe arrest. I was given an opportunity to participate with the other officers. I know that my willingness to participate, as well as my ability to complete the control tactics efficiently, proved to them that I have what it takes to become a LEO for the forest service.  

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