A New Mexico Jem, Mills Canyon

I am not one to visit the west side of the US often, only ever really going to Arizona. So it should really surprise no one that the only western canyon I knew about was the Grand Canyon. However, the Kiowa National Grasslands is hiding a canyon of their own, Mills Canyon! Mill Canyon, about an hour and half outside of Clayton, NM, is a uqine area so vastly different from the grass plains that surrounds it. With a demotion of about 5,160 ft, this ancient scar of the inland sea is home to many animals and plants that can’t be found on the prairie. Due to the canyons distinct tiers in elevation, the area is covered in pocket enviornments each with unique vegitation structure and wildlife habitat. You go from finding fish and mice traveling along the river bank to mountain loins and peregrine falcons traversing the steep canyon walls.In recent years, Mills Canyon his gain popularity with bloulder climbing community after being featured in New Mexico Bouldering by Owen Summerscales. When Autum comes around, the canyon walls are fulled with people from all over the U.S. and even from different countries. If you find yourself going through New Mexico, I highly recommend giving Mills Canyon a look, it might just become your favorite place too.

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