Travel and Detail work as a LEO

As discussed in my previous blog posts, the life of a Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer can be quite diverse. Another element that adds to the job excitement and variety is the ability to work in places outside of your home forest.

A couple of times a year any given LEO has the opportunity to go and work what we call “details.” A detail is when a different forest requests additional resources (LEOs) for any specific problem/event that they have that might need some extra help. For example, here at the Coconino NF we have had multiple officers go on details to national forests in California and Idaho to help with forest fires. These LEOs will continue to do their law enforcement work just in a new forest, and in these cases, specifically patrol work related to forest fires and fire closures. Sometimes, they will even help investigate the fires. Details don’t just have to be for fires either. We have had a LEO here detail into a vacant captain’s position in California as well.

Another way for FS LEOs to travel for work is to be a part of ESF #13. Emergency Support Function #13 is the public safety and security of the National Response Framework. ESF #13 support consists of law enforcement (LE), public safety and security capabilities and resources during incidents requiring a coordinated federal response. ESF #13 provides Federal Public Safety and Security assistance to federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial (FSLTT) organizations overwhelmed by an actual or anticipated disaster/event or an act of terrorism (AOT). This was most recently activated during the hurricanes in Puerto Rico. FS LEOs were able to sign up to help support as this function during these natural disasters.

I recently was given a small taste of what it’s like to travel for work within the Forest Service. I was given the opportunity to help during the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities annual conference in San Diego, California. During this event, the Forest Service was one of the many employers attending trying to recruit young diverse students into their workforce. We were mainly advertising the RAP internship program and Law Enforcement, so basically, exactly what I am doing! It was a great experience talking to young people about the great opportunities this program has to offer and my experiences in it so far. It felt great educating people, like my past self, on their opportunity to get their potential dream job. I also really enjoyed being able to meet some of the FS employees I have been talking to over the phone or zoom as well as LEOs from other parts of the country!

Being able to travel the country for you job is a big aspect of why I love working for the Forest Service and especially Law Enforcement within it. I am looking forward to all the opportunities this position holds!


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