A Day In My Position

Sign Project on Microsoft Publisher

My workweek begins on Saturday mornings. Saturday mornings are Recreation Runs (Rec runs). Rec runs are the routes we take to different campground, picnicking, or high use areas. I load up my work truck with supplies I’ll need and then I begin my drive. I normally take the West Side route. At my first destination, I take out trash, clean the bathrooms, and clean up any trash that’s on the ground. The process repeats all day until I complete the last area. On Sunday and Mondays, I work from home or the office. The tasks I’m working on are creating information signs for trailheads and creating signs for the Shawnee Mountain Bike Association bike trails. I used Microsoft Publisher to create the signs so all I need is good internet connection. I need to create ten information signs and have completed two. The signs go through a whole process of editing before I can order them. Tuesdays I help the trail crew with trail maintenance. We repair damages to the trails, create drainages so that the trail doesn’t turn into a mud pit, and clear the trail corridor. Wednesdays are another home or office day. Home/Office Days aren’t just working on the sign projects. I use those days to also help the education outreach program, conduct Trail Surveys, and work with other departments to further gain experience in other fields.

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