Getting to Camp for Work!

As a Resource Assistant with the U.S. Forest Service and Environment for the Americas, I have the opportunity to utilize our Travel & Training Funds. One weekend in September myself and two of my colleagues were able to attend an Outdoor Recreation Leadership training at the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area with the California State Parks department. In addition to gaining skills to lead youth in the outdoors, this training also certifies participants to use camping gear for up to 30 campers for free provided by the Parks Department.

The training started on Friday around 3pm after we arrived and got settled. The first day consisted of getting to know each other, playing team bonding games, setting up our tents, and going over the camp procedures. We were able to cook a spaghetti meal and eat, serve, and clean as a group. After closing for the night, we crawled into our tents and tried to get a good night of sleep before the next day full of activities.

Saturday morning it was my team’s turn to cook. We worked together to make some delicious breakfast burritos for the rest of the group before the start of the day.  Once fueled up, we started to participate in more team bonding activities, challenges, and games. Unfortunately, the wind was too high for us to do the scheduled kayaking outing, so instead we had some more games that we played before free time and dinner. Once the sun went down, we had a small bonfire on the beach and made s’mores and other campfire desserts. We also got to hear from each of the organizations participating in the training about the work that they do with youth and the outdoors. It was so inspiring to be around 30 people the whole weekend who had such similar and passionate goals about getting underrepresented youth out into nature.

I feel so grateful to be a part of this program and to have met all the wonderful people that were a part of this trip. Now it is time for myself and my partner to start planning trips for our Generation Green group!

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