Something New I Have Learned In Sequoia Nat. Forest

The Sequoia National Forest at the Kern River Ranger District is my First National Forest I have ever visited, as well as the first National Forest to work at.

Working in Recreation Management I never knew how much how campground management had been affected by millions of people coming up to the Sequoia National Forest, as well as the rush to outdoors due to COVID.

As well as the massive influx of people that continue to show up after California had its major fires go through the area last year, and this year.

The other thing I found; that was refreshing is the community attitude toward their forest and river at Sequoia. In the short time I have been here this summer I have seen multiple community organization hold events and weekly activities to help keep the both the forest and river as clean as possible and promote awareness in keeping the everything wild and scenic.

Now if we can get some of the visitors to remember to pick up after themselves at the campgrounds, maybe we can keep these areas as wild as possible.

Kern River Cleanup, Kern River Conservancy

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