A day in Stanislaus NF LEO: Briana Obregon

Three girls reeling in Rainbow Trouts.

Some days you can be volunteering for programs in your forest, or you can be out on the field making sure the public is respecting the natural resources.

Button station.

One of my favorite programs held was the Fishing for Small Fry event. This site is on the South Fork Stanislaus River where camping is available and fishing piers. This event is for all ages. You can learn how to bait a hook and cast a reel. Why is it important?

It’s important to teach everyone about the value and respect the water and all living things about being the Ethical Angler. This helps conservation efforts such as not leaving trash behind, following fishing regulations, and respecting other anglers’ rights. Once a child was done fishing they would come to the station and make a button. It was a fun outdoor program!

Other days you can be patrolling around your forest and never know what the day may bring. This is why as an LEO you need to be alert and proactive. Majority of the time the things we have done include warning/citing campers for extended camping, warning/citing for OHV use, parking citations, investigating large trash piles, needing to tow abandoned vehicles, vehicle accidents, and much more! Rarely you have days in the office but when you do it’s doing paperwork, go to court, and going over scenarios with our LEO’s and Captain.

Patrolling on foot.
Yosemite Court House
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