Farewell: Briana Obregon

Stanislaus National Forest.
Keeping track of trash collected.
Out patrolling.

When I first read about this internship opportunity, I had no idea that the US Forest Service had Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s). Not knowing where this journey would take me, I’m glad I took the chance. Since the day I have arrived at the Stanislaus National Forest from Texas, every day has been unpredictable. With days being unpredictable means more opportunities to grow knowledge on many different objectives. Such as court appearances, participating in outreach programs, learning how to clean guns, or out patrolling daily making contacts with people. I now know what it means to be a US Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer.

The time spent as a Law Enforcment Intern has been eventful and memorable. This experience has been life changing giving me a new perspective of law enforcement and I am ready for the next steps in my life to be a US Forest Law Enforcment Officer. I cannot thank my supervisors, mentors, and staff enough who took the time to give me this opportunity and checked on me throughout my journey. I have made friendships that will last forever in my career field.

At the gun range.
With Officer Butler and intern Destiny.
With Officer McCampbell.
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