An Unexpected Adventure

I had the chance to visit a different forest located up Northern California called ElDorado National Forest. We stayed for Labor Day weekend and worked with Cap. Aguilar, J.P. , and Cruz. Cap. Aguilar was able to show us around his forest and discuss his experience from over the years. We were able to make a few contacts on the forest and met a few people who work in the USFS and other services..

I was able to learn how the Stanislaus National Forest works differently than the ElDorado. I was able to meet other Law Enforcement Officers and the care flight team. We had to assist them in landing a helicopter in a safe landing zone. The weather was perfect with nice views.

Briana and I had to train on ATVs and ride out into the wilderness to get comfortable with riding on dirt roads. We were able to see the nice views and get a better view of Pinecrest Lake.

A few days before ATV training there was a fire nearby Pinecrest by the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. The fire only burned down five acres which was great that our forest didn’t burn down. We had the opportunity to learn how to investigate the fire and look for the cause of the fire. We had to look for indications of where the fire started and where it ended. It was a fun experience, but also very difficult to determine.

We were able to hike out where we are able to get a better view of the Dardanelle Reservoir. We were up +6,000ft in elevation!!

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