Conference Talk !

This journey called life will not be easy but I  want you to remember when one door closes another one may open. I had the opportunity to attend a conference called the Natural Areas Association Conference in Duluth, MN. After a long three or four hour drive we arrive to Duluth, MN. Lisa is one of my supervisors, thus she was sincerely nice and generous to drive us to the conference from downtown Minneapolis. During the last twenty minutes of us sitting in the car before getting out for the conference I found out my dream job position was being posted for another candidate. I took fifteen minutes before actually going in to cry. Sometimes every moment in your life will not go as planned but it is important to persever and learn from the situation. After the long day, the next day I had a huge Steering Meeting in which I had to run and I was so nervous. I did amazing on the Steering Meeting and was offered a newly created position for the urban connections team. Though the conference was filled with an unwelcoming community I made the best of it and talked to HR representatives from the Forest Service to get advice on how to be selected for a FS job.

Before the Conference 

The Conference logo
During the Drive to the Conference
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