St. Paul Visit

Planning to visit St. Paul, MN was the longest process I have ever done in my life. I had to preplan with all of my partners to see their availability. On top of that, I had to schedule apartments viewings to look for apartments. I do not think I let you all in on what partnerships are completely. Partnerships initial the process of the USDA Forest Service provides funding to  organizations to expose their students to forestry and environmental science careers. The goal for the USDA forest service intern is to connect with the partners and let them know we are here to help them by presenting our employees job description in a form of a  presentation or even finding space for their events and more. I planned on meeting with three-four partners on this visit to St. Paul and most importantly let them know we are willing to assist them if they are in need of anything. I meet with two local partners and I also attended a event which was such a success. The first event location was in St. Paul, MN and Frogtown Green hosted the event. The event consisted of a scavenger hunt of environmental science games set up in different  sections. Each environmental science activity had a station and they invited several students to attend. Thus, the students got the opportunity to learn about water filtering, planting trees, organizing seeds and much more. Also, I got the opportunity to meet with the Urban Root Organization and it was absolutely stunning to see their different locations of work. Below, I will include some images of the gardens and locations described above. Lastly, I got the opportunity to go view the office I might have in St. Paul, Mn. The office had one huge window and the light surfaced my new chair.

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