Unexpected Adventures: Briana Obregon

Overview of the Pinecrest Lake.
Donell’s Dam.
Furry friend.

Here are my highlights of my unexpected adventures:

  • When you go out patrolling around the Stanislaus National Forest you never know what kind of views you may get. Whether you go out on foot or OHV riding this is a great wat to learn all of the trails in the forest since it can help you in many different ways. Destiny (who is the other intern with me on the forest) and I went patrolling with our recreation specialist on ATVs to explore trails in the forest that we aren’t able to get to in a patrol truck. On this day we ran into a camper who found a lost dog (photo to the right). Unfortunately to dog was not chipped or claimed by anyone but the camper who found this sweet boy decided to keep him.
  • The picture to your left is at the Donell’s Reservoir located on the middle fork of the Stanislaus River. Here you can enjoy dispersed camping, fishing, and hiking.
  • I also got to explore the Eldorado National Forest and patrol with a Bureau of Land Management Ranger and captain of the forest. Being able to patrol with different officers has given me different perspectives and new skills that I will be able to use when I become a Law Enforcment Officer for the US Forest Service. This forest had incredible views as well.

Fire lookout at the Eldorado National Forest.
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