Saguaro’s Adventures

At Saguaro National Park, our EFTA crew got to experience a little bit of everything of our week of October 31rst. We started off with seed collecting of native grasses at different sites of Saguaro National Park. Seed collecting is a great source of generating more native plants when wildfires occur, as well as mixing its DNA with other invasive species so that the native plant outgrows its enemy.  We then continued our adventure throughout the desert and through our prickly friends, and set up motion and thermal cameras to capture our wildlife at the park. We finished our second week strong by completing a water survey the park does monthly, in order to measure how much water (if any) are at our natural pools. We all spread out at various locations, climbed up through steep trails, and maneuvered our way down through large boulders. Our crew really went through an adventure throughout the different sites the park has to offer and truly understanding certain tasks the park needs to uphold in order to keep preserving its natural lands, plant species, and wildlife. 

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