My first week here in San Francisco and Sausalito area has been great, feels so refreshing being in a better work environment, fresh air, and around knowledgeable and great people. As each day passes, I find myself learning something new, learning new techniques and skills pretty quick. My first day came with a little digging and header placement, followed by crushing rock. The day after I crushed rock, stuffed gaps in between the headers and the native soil with native rock. Last few days I’ve learned to manage the highline which comes with a few tasks, loading native rock into the power carrier, ride that down a couple switchbacks, then attach it to the chain hoist, lift it up and carefully fly it down using the belay. It’s all about communication and being on the same page. Working with NPS is awesome! I’m having so much fun every day. We also hit a couple of scenic views to get familiar with the area. feel so blessed to be in a new city and doing work I actually enjoy.

Working the power carrier

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