An Unexpected Adventure

Photo: Patrick Jones, Friends of the Shawnee National Forest

Unexpected events happen often when working in the outdoors. Our team is pretty small, and we work well together. So, when our team got an email from a guy named Kyle, I was naturally surprised to read that he had been accepted to the position as a Natural Resource Specialist for the Recreation department. He had failed to include me in the original email, so he forwarded it to me directly and told me who he is, where he currently works, explained how he worked with the team earlier this year. Then apologized for not including me in the original email, asked me about my position and tasks, as well as when I started my position. I was shocked that he took the time to write a little bit about himself and ask about myself. That’s when I realized how much I appreciate the communication and generosity that he shared. This small interaction got me really excited to meet the person who will eventually be our teams’ leader. Leadership is very important to me, and I’m thrilled to be able to work as a solid team with a leader who is passionate about what he does. This unexpected occurrence is a positive one and I can’t wait to see how our team improves.

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