Something New I Have Learned

Photo: Jim Osborne

I cannot even begin to explain everything I’ve learned during this internship, so I’ll start with a few examples. The first thing I learned was how to use Microsoft Publisher. I was able to adapt extremely quickly through videos and other environmental educators that I’ve made connections with over the past 3 years due to college, work, and internships. I learned quickly that I need to reach out for help when I need it, and everyone is always willing to help once asked. I’ve learned technical skills through mechanized equipment to maintain trails, through fire management, and wildlife biology. I’ve learned how to effectively communicate with volunteers, partners, and employees. And that the relationships I have with each of them makes an impact on me. The more I connect with members, the more passionate I am about what I do and the organization I work for. The past year, I’ve received training and certifications in RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher, S-130: Field Day, S-130: Firefighter Training, L-180: Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service, S-110: Basic Wildland Fire Orientation, and S-190: Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. Next month I will be receiving certifications in S-212: Wildland Fire Chainsaws, USFS Crosscut Saw Training Course, and Pesticide Applicator: Pesticide Safety Education Program. The past few months have been non-stop learning, trainings, and certifications and I intend to keep learning constantly.

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