Unexpected Adventure in the Kern Plateau

Its getting around that time in the Kern River District at Sequoia National Forest where the temperatures are dropping and snow is falling at the peaks of the mountain ranges. Ive been busy gathering data to make maps of several campgrounds along what we call the Kern Plateau and Green Horn Mountain area. Which the elevation I had travel through was between 6,000ft to 7500ft, which I had never been that high on purpose beforehand.

However, one day I was given a surprising task to go get data to map out at Blackrock Trailhead which is one of highest campgrounds we have, roughly around 9,000ft and is known to be a great spot for horse trails. One thing I did know was my time was severely limited because I’m at a higher elevation and snow could pop out any day. So I drove up to the kern plateau through narrow and winding roads that took nearly 3 hours to get to where I need to go, but when I entered that campsite I was greeted with tall pine trees, fresh clean oxygen, and a warm sun for the limited time I had. The best surprise that I received was walking the beginning of a trail that I encountered a sign saying Golden Trout Wilderness- Inyo National Forest.

I didn’t realized that I had traveled so far up that I was able to cross into another National Forest, so it was quite unexpected to me.

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