Muir Woods Red Wood Project

These past few weeks have been spent in Muir Woods, on the Ben Johnson trail. A lot of progress has been made and the trail is looking more and more like a trail. There has been lots of flying, timber and stone. precision log placement, stuffing gaps with stone, turning stone into crush for a more solid ground to step on and control erosion. I’ve learned to use a protractor to create a scribe in the logs and prepare it for notching. I got more comfortable with the power drill to make holes to place rebar in them and using the Bosch hammer to drill them into the previous tier and into the ground. As well as learning all the jobs to fly rock or logs, my most favorite job is either the belay handler or the chain hoist operator. My least favorite is the grip hoist, it’s easy, just strenuous on the body. More days pass and I see myself getting to the project and realizing what needs to be done and executing the task. Really loving the work and my time spent here at GOGA – the crew is great and fun to be around. Looking forward to learning more skills and advancing my work performance.

Photos: NPS/Joe Gibson

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