Stephanie Ibarra leans over the bed of a truck that is filled with container plants of grass species.

Planting at Fort Baker!

Happy New Year everybody!

Exciting things are happening in the weather here in the bay area. Lots of rain has been coming in and this means that we are able to start planting! For the past month, in fact, I have mainly been focused on planting. 

Stephanie plants one individual grass container plant

After having conservation crews clear out scrubland-dominated areas at Battery Cavallo, we planted many bunchgrass individuals in these same areas. In order to help return the area back to the coastal prairie it once was we hope that the Melica californica and Stipa pulchra will establish on the mulched hillsides. 

Stephanie talks about planting grasses

We also planted nectar sources in different subsites at Fort Baker. The species planted were Phacelia californica, Wyethia angustifolia, and Lomatium dasycarpum. These plants were staged in areas of critical mission blue butterfly habitat.

Stephanie talks about planting forbs

All this rainy weather has been great for the plants, and even the dormant lomatium and wyethia are starting to create new growth! I am already very excited as we continue to prepare for the flight season. Until next time!

Phacelia californica
Lomatium dasycarpum
Wyethia angustifolia
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