A little bit of who I am

Hi, my name is Anya!

I’m excited to join Environment for the Americas and the National Park Service as an intern this summer. This position is an excellent match for my interests and goals, representing a large part of me that loves planet Earth along with all of the creatures who call it home.

I’m a Trinidadian girl who lives partly in Florida, USA, and partly in Ontario, Canada. I attend the University of Toronto, where I study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I’m passionate about this program of study as it connects me to a wealth of knowledge in the sciences: from topics on population and community ecology, genetics, biology, and statistics.

I’m also pursuing a minor in German, which allows me to develop fluency in the German language and also learn about German history, literature, and culture. I believe that there is a lot to gain in connecting with people with a diversity of cultures, and this minor is an amazing opportunity to do so.

At The University of Toronto I have had the opportunity to work in a research lab studying the evolutionary ecology and ecological genomics of plants. While I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience doing this research, my goal is to get involved hands on in the field. That’s why the Fish and Feathers internship has a lot to offer me in terms of career and academic guidance. I’ll be stationed for the summer at the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.

Throughout the summer, I’ll be sharing updates here on my experiences at the park and the people I’ll meet. See you then!

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