Who is this cool chick from nyC?

Hi there! 


 My name’s Alanna Liew. I’m an undergraduate student at SUNY University at Albany, working towards a B.S. and M.S. in Human Biology. This field of science is essential to society because it helps us better understand our health, the living world, and the many ways species interact and evolve.

I am ecstatic to be an intern for Environment for the Americas and National Park Service. I will be working at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center located in New York over the summer. Nature has always been my second home. Growing up my family went on many hiking and camping trips, so “naturally” I wanted to be part of this internship! I look forward to the experience that comes along with this internship, from the long-lasting friendships and connections I may create with others to the numerous skills I may acquire during the summer.

Me and my buddy Stewie 🙂

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