Trip to San Bernardino

MY first Forest Service traveling experience

In March, I had the opportunity to travel to San Bernardino for my first in-person work meeting. As someone who had never traveled for work before, I was both excited and a bit nervous about the trip. However, as soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a warm and welcoming community that made me feel right at home.
The trip was for the Regional Climate Coordinator’s Meeting and it was kindly hosted in the San Bernardino Training Center. It was really fascinating to hear from experts in the field about the different ways in which organizations can take action to mitigate the impact of climate change. The discussions were lively and thought-provoking, and I felt fortunate to be part of such an engaging conversation. My eureka moment was seeing how disagreements were resolved amicably in the midst of conversations and how clear the spirit of constructive cooperation was.

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to visit San Bernardino National Park. Unfortunately, near the end of the trip the sky started showing flashes of lighting, so we had to turn around part way through a hike. But, despite the weather being a bit unpredictable, the beauty of the park was simply breathtaking.
Overall, my first work trip to San Bernardino was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed meeting new people and engaging in stimulating conversations about climate leadership actions. And, of course, getting to visit San Bernardino National Park was truly a highlight of the trip. I left feeling inspired and motivated to continue doing my part to protect our planet and promote sustainable practices.

Photo taken by Linh Hoang
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