Behold Whiskeytown and all it’s glory!

Where's the Whiskey? Where's the town?

Where’s the Whiskey?? Where’s the town?? The iconic park slogan is one of my favorite things about Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and it really gives the park it’s own unique personality that sets it apart from other parks. Upon your first gaze you can see the highest mountain peak Shasta Bally and its beautiful peak capped in snow. Under first impression one might think that all Whiskeytown has to offer is its giant lake and semi-burned landscape but I can be the first to tell you that there is so much more hidden beauty to be discovered! 

Whiskeytown is home to many species of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and plants. My personal favorites are the Black Bear, Kokanee Salmon, and the Pacific Giant Salamander. Since the Carr fire, the land has begun to recover and shows no signs of slowing down. Lush vegetation and plants inhabit much of the burnt locations now due to prescribed burns in addition to the new species currently being discovered. From its everflowing hidden waterfalls to its rich biodiversity’ Whiskeytown is the place to be!

The "soul" of Whiskeytown

Not only does Whiskeytown offer rich biodiversity and natural beauty but it also offers a rich cultural heritage. One of my favorite cultural aspects of the park would be the Wintu Tribe. Their culture and presence in the park inspired the name for Shasta Bally! In the past’ the Wintu would call the mountain “Bohem buli”.  The term “Bally” roughly translates from “buli” to “mountain” and when you put the two and two together it translates to “big mountain”! 

The park itself is situated upon the Wintu homeland and shares its rich culture with the people who visit Whiskeytown. In addition to its rich culture, Whiskeytown offers some of the most stunning views overlooking key features such as Boulder creek and the lake itself. Not to mention the awesome hikes you could partake in as well as one of the only parks that offer kayak tours! In my eyes, the park offers much to the beholder but it is up to the individual themself to choose their own path in the park. Do yourself a favor and visit Whiskeytown today!

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