Here is the pond at Horning’s Hideout, that the kids were fishing in.

At this park there were also Peacocks! I took a few photos and even a video of one of the males showing his feathers! I suspect it was towards a female but you cannot tell from the video.

I also went with Erin to the refuge this same day to hand over our bug equipment. I took a few photos of the refuge as well and I even found a nest right next to the bathrooms.

Here was the Barn Swallow within its nest I presume.
Here was another Barn Swallow on a sign who was posing for the picture!
Entryway to the walk-in path on the Tualatin Refuge
View of the water on the Tualatin Refuge

Other than the field work I have been working on a drivers course in order to get access to government vehicles. The videos were so tedious that it ended up taking about 15 hours to finish the whole thing. I also realized that a lot of field work is logistics and planning. Whenever we have to go out we have to make lists in order to make sure we have everything we need and often go over it five or more times in order to make sure everything is accounted for. I used to think that field work was just as simple as saying we are going out on this day and that’s it. This week has taught me that is far from the truth. Overall, I would say this was a very successful week and I look forward to these next few weeks as I work with Erin and the rest of the OFWO.

 Signing off, Blog Update #1, Izaiah McQueen.

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