3…2…1…FLY! ~Bianca Joseph~

Who is Bianca Joseph?

Hello my friends! Do you happen to be wondering who this precarious character Bianca is? Let me enlighten you. I am a student at Georgia Southern University studying Geology and minoring in International Studies! Now I know this is a weird combination but let me explain. In this world we live in it is so important that scientist become more diplomatic and understanding of this new way of thinking. Scientist must understand that now many decisions that involves understanding political process require the expertise of an educated professional. We are in an extremely interdisciplinary culture, and while I think it is awesome, some professionals will have to adjust their approach to their respective fields. This is why I am not only studying science, but also gaining an understanding of political discourse as well! I am a proud member of the Georgia Southern Model United Nations team! This is a simulation program of the real-world United Nations and it is so amazing to have been working on the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) that last year at conference.

Photo: Myself on a small loop trail near my house

What is bianca joseph...doing?

The beautiful Big Thicket National Preserve!

As the question above states- what is Bianca doing? Well, I am one of the 2023 Fish & Feathers interns (yay)! This summer I will be interning at the one and only Big Thicket National Preserve!  I will admit, I was never the person to go out to national parks or preserves, and that was mostly because of the area that I lived in, but I am so excited to be in this new experience. One of the biggest things that I am hoping to learn from this experience is how to sharpen my scientific communication skills. I am most excited with the prospect of speaking to different communities about the value of the natural world, and how it affects all of us no matter if you are in an urban area or if you live miles away from the nearest Publix. I will also be learning how to recognize and document different fish and birds, which will be another new horizon for me! I hope everyone reading will join me for this adventure.

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