Rocky Ramblings

Hello! The summer is flying by and I am very excited to be starting doing different events and programs. At Rocky Mountain National Park, our scheduled programs started on June 10. I am constantly amazed by the nature and scenery here. I went on my first hike with fellow intern, Tatiana Mihaita, to Cub Lake. We saw many birds, elk, and my first moose! I also got to hike with people in the dorm to Calypso Falls, Ouzel Falls, and Ouzel Lake. There was still snow and ice at the top, so we used ice spikes on our shoes to be safe. I brought Totoro, a character from Studio Ghibli, with me on the hike. 

Trailhead to Cub Lake
Blister Rust Dorm crew
Totoro at Ouzel Lake with me

I am currently working on doing bird hikes, art projects, and fishing programs with the public in the park. I also have been excited to work with a local organization, EVICS (Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success) to provide programs with the National Park Service (NPS) with local communities. We just finished our Birding 101 program with EVICS. Rocky Mountain will have more programs with other organizations which I am also looking forward to. I got to participate in an event planned for the Diversity Internship Program. Tatiana and I got to meet different interns and employees from the west side of Rocky, and we got to hang out with another Fish and Feathers intern, Simon Aceto.

Simon Aceto (left), Tatiana Mihaita (middle), and me (right) at the Diversity Internship Program event
A very cute marmot I saw through binoculars
First event with EVICS was a lot of fun and great weather

I am looking forward to everything else I will learn while being here. Some of the things I would like to know more about are the Indigenous tribes and NPS relations and the history of the park and Indigenous relations. I would also like to grow my field guide collection and become more knowledgeable on hiking and mountain climbing. Some of us are hoping that we can climb Longs Peak (the tallest mountain here in the park) by the end of the summer.

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