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Keeping up with Alanna at jamaica Bay: week 1 & 2

Time really does pass quickly when you’re having too much fun because these past two weeks flew by in the blink of an eye! 

The first week was mainly exploring the different areas of Jamaica Bay and training. The second week was more hands on!

Jamaica Bay is home to and a stopover site for migrating shorebirds, some of which are endangered. I’ve walked the trails in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge a couple of times and have been lucky to capture a few pictures of some of the birds that live here. The left image is an Osprey couple and their eggs, and on the right is a Tree Swallow!

Jamaica Bay is also home to many beautiful plants and flowers. On the left is a Cosmos flower 🙂

I teamed up with the National Park Foundation during my second week to clean up Plumb Beach. Together we worked with 4th and 5th graders from P.S. 119 and P.S. 194. I had the opportunity to teach the young students why it is important to preserve the beautiful beach not only for us to use but for the wildlife that lives there! I also worked with other interns and Sadhana to work on Project Prithvi to clean up the Crossbay Bridge North Channel Bridge Area. These beach areas are used for religious practices, and many religious offerings, including small clay pots, twine, plastic materials, and food, are left behind, which are harmful to the beach and the wildlife living there. This project aims to raise awareness and work with religious communities to allow them to continue their religious practices in a more eco-friendly way!

Crossbay Bridge North Channel Bridge Area. You can see Manhattan in the far left!

I am super excited to continue this beautiful journey so I hope you stick around for it! See you soon in the next blog!

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