Hopping Around!

These last few weeks I was doing field work with the Columbia Spotted frog and then Lupin butterfly surveys. I had a blast at both of these work opportunities. Here are my pictures and explanations as I went through these new experiences! 

This was on my way down to the camping site for the frog field work. I had never been on backroads, or dirt roads before so I thought this was pretty bizarre or crazy the whole time. I didn’t know weather or not I was heading to the right place half the time. I made it to the site safely surely enough.

Here was one of the Columbia Spotted frogs. We would capture them with our nets, measure them, weigh them, then give them a little tracker so that we can tell which ones we have captured before.

This was a rattlesnake towards the end of the survey point. I had never seen a rattlesnake before or heard it rattle so this was shocking and exciting for me!

This is a photo of a butterfly during the Lupin surveys. The glare makes it hard to tell which butterfly it is but it may have been a female Lupine Blue.

Here I took a photo of the survey starting point, which is also where the powerlines separate the forests.

This is a patch of Bracken Fern further down from the survey starting point. This is where we found a large batch of Lupine hiding and in between the ferns!

Here was a side of the canyon where we saw a few eagle nests! I circled them in blue so that you can see them better. The one on the far left, and the one above were both abandoned. The nest in the middle was really fresh but we didn’t manage to see any eagles while we were out there.

Here is what everyone calls the “Pinch.” Usually this was a halfway or stopping point for the other survey years when there were 500-1000 frogs. We made it here before lunchtime this time around.

This was a beautiful view of the channel that we were surveying at Dry Creek in Harper, OR.

Here was a view of the canyon that lead to the creek from the campsite.

Photo Credit to Megan M.

Here was the “Pinch” that we went through in order to get to the other side of the survey section. It was a hot day and hopping into the water like this ended up being a nice way to cool off! That’s me in the back with the blue shirt and the sunhat!

Photo Credit to Megan M.

Megan took a photo of me within the Oregon jungles! Just kidding, this was a patch of Willow that led down to a pool of water called the Beaver Pond. We had to go through this in order to make it over to the water but at least in my opinion, it seemed like a different world!

This is an up close and personal look of what the path through the Willow looked like. You can’t tell me this isn’t a jungle.

Photo Credit to Dustin M.

Dustin set up his phone to take this picture of us on our last day of surveying. This was the whole crew for the surveys and here they are listed from left to right: Dustin M., Morgan S., Everret Y.P., Izaiah M. (myself), Melisa Y.P., Naomi L., Megan M., and Mike A.

This was a picture I took on the way out of the camp site showing off the beautiful plains and hills of Harper, Oregon.

Overall, I enjoyed both of these experiences. I liked the frog surveys a bit more than the butterfly surveys but had a great time regardless. On one of the nights during the frog surveys it stormed and everything got wet. That was my first time experiencing a desert storm and although I got a bit wet, it wasn’t that bad.

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