What are the projects this year?

So far this year I have been planning with the 1854 authority and our local summer camp to make fishing trips happen. July will be busy with fishing trip, Agaamin Aki which is a camp that comes from the Boise Forte Reservation and does stuff up here at the national monument for a week and planning a lacrosse game for our wellness fair we have.

The guy on the left of the picture is my coworker that works for the volunteers here and he helped out set up our game. At first we thought it wasn’t going to be a turn out due to all the activities going on in the county that day but we gave it a little time and sure enough we had a game of 5v5 going for about 45 minutes. The turnout was pretty good. We had a teacher show up from the local school and wants this to happen more, wanting the history and the game talked and played at the school.

June will be busy for work but July is going to be the month of most of the activities that we have set up so far. I am looking forward towards the rest of the year and I believe its going to be a great summer

These are the members that wanted to take a picture at the end of our event. What a great group

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