My experience so far and focus-Blanca Trujillo

I have been preparing for the upcoming summer camp that will take place at Cane River Creole Historical National Park (CARI). The summer camp will teach kids about the fundamentals of fishing, birding, and plants. I have also been working on creating birding workshops for the birding summer series and had the opportunity to participate in events hosted by CARI.

I had the pleasure of visiting Briarwood Nature Preserve in Saline, LA and shadowed the curator of the site. I was amazed by the diversity of flora on the preserve and the cool birds I observed. I was able to observe the amount of effort the staff puts into maintaining the preserve.

I have also been networking and building relationships with people in natural resources from various areas near Natchitoches, LA. I have learned so much this summer and can’t wait to learn more.

I recently attended the annual Juneteenth festival that the city of Natchitoches hosted. CARI had an information table at the event.

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