The Youth, Our Future

It has officially been four weeks since I started my Fish and Feathers internship at the American Memorial Park in Saipan! To say it has been fulfilling would honestly be an understatement — I wish I could find all the right words to express how grateful I am to be here and be a part of something so wonderful.
The one thing I was most excited to do this summer was to engage with the local community and share my love and passion for nature with those I meet. From birding sessions to outreach booths, and even the first 2-day fishing clinic I facilitated these past two days have filled and overflowed my cup. I mainly engage with the youth; it has been so fun so far!

Day 1 of Rod and Reel Fishing Clinic.
2023 Saipan Ocean Fair
Day 2 of Rod and Reel Fishing Clinic

There are five more scheduled 2-day fishing clinic camps happening this summer. The youth will learn how to rod and reel and cast net fishing, otherwise known as “talåya,” in the native language of the people of the Marianas. Aside from these programs, I will continue to lead birding and outreach activities and help in other projects that serve the mission of American Memorial Park: to honor the American soldiers and the local people of the Marianas who gave their lives during the Marianas Campaign of WWII.

Here’s to more birding, fishing, and learning!

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