Welcome to my first blog post!

✩ who am i? ✩

Hi all! My name is Lara and I’ll be running this blog. I’m a college student at the University of Washington where I’m studying environmental science and terrestrial resource management. This past school year was my very first year at UW, which is where I got introduced to EFTA and what they do. Outside of work and school, I love to draw, read books, and watch movies. My favorite movies are Into the Spiderverse and Coraline!

✩ what do I do? ✩

My duties this summer is to get some hands on experience with the conservation field at both Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and Julia Butler Hanson Wildlife Refuge in Washington state. These change depending on the day, but so far I’ve had a variety of tasks. Some of those include invasive control, campaigns with the parks, and research opportunities on top of sharing my experiences here.

take a look... ✩

Below are some pictures I’ve taken this week. 

This is an area of wetland on the Julia Butler Hanson refuge where pelicans like to hang out. Luckily, I was able to get them to sit still, but beforehand they squabble and splash quite a lot.

Also on the Julia Butler Hanson refuge were some cow friends on the side of the road. They belong to the neighbors, but seem to have hopped the fence. The cows are great because they graze on invasive plants in the area and are so cute.

These are some sand dunes along the trails of Long Beach! The tide was low enough to see all sorts of crabs, seabirds, shells, and rifts in the sand.

Along my walk down the beach, I found a dead Dungeness crab. These are actually the same kinds of crabs you can eat at Red Lobster!

This is me! I had a friend take this picture on a bench on the quad on my campus in Seattle.

thanks for reading (≧◡≦)

  • header image sourced from Ancient Tree Forum
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