How is it Going Up North?

Well, one thing I learned is patience; while I took the summer camp out to fish, there were 24 little ones to care for. With the help of my coworker, it went smoothly, but those kids wanted to hurry and get out there to catch fish. I took them to the marina where they could catch brook trout, and they sure did. They were slaying the fish there for about the first hour and fifteen minutes. But then, with little kids having a short attention span, they wanted to play tag at the park, so it was called wraps by then. What really made my day was that one of them came up to me and said, “thank you Patrick, can we go fishing again?”. When he said that, I was happy as can be; taking those kids out fishing is incredible because some of them don’t get to go out fishing often. Without this internship, I wouldn’t be able to take the kids of the community fishing.

Next week, I will have an opportunity to do birch bark gathering and crafting. I made this makuk (basket) out of birchbark a couple of years ago. Withing the next month there might be kayaking at one of the local lakes around here, electrofishing for a couple of days, and fishing on Bearskin Lake.

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