Camp Waldo Adventures

After working a few weeks at the park, my time to shine has come. For multiple days, I co-led programs at Camp Waldo with West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection staff and the northern district interpretive rangers from New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. Those days consisted of working with campers aged 9 to 15.

We worked the early morning sessions, so it was expected that the campers would be sleepy. Thankfully, our activities woke the campers up, and they were happy to participate! Our activities included analyzing habitat health based on pH and having the opportunity to identify macroinvertebrates and biofacts with the help of field guides. While working through these programs, it was amazing to see how knowledgeable the campers were. In addition to this, their enthusiasm made me happy that I was working beside them. These experiences remind me why I am here at the park.

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