Trip to Ashville, NC!

I embarked on my second traveling work experience! This time, the destination was Asheville, North Carolina, where I attended the Science Delivery Community of Practice retreat. Not only was I thrilled to meet everyone in person for the first time, but I was also excited to explore Asheville, a city that had been on my travel wish list for quite some time.


On the first day, we went on a field trip to the mesmerizing southern oak restoration and silviculture site. Nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Asheville, we delved into the realm of forest planning and management research applications. It was an eye-opening experience, where we discovered how research can effectively address crucial knowledge gaps and contribute to real-time forest planning and management.

Box Turtle found on the Femelschlag hike
Image of the experimental forest on the silviculture site.

The second day we gather are learned about each station that was attending and their respective research stations. It was an invaluable opportunity to learn firsthand about the fascinating science delivery initiatives happening across the country and within research station. Then, we dedicated a portion of our time to openly discussing the challenges and opportunities that our science delivery community faced. The collective wisdom and diverse perspectives brought to the table shed light on potential pathways for growth, improvement, and innovation. From improving communication channels to leveraging technology, we explored ways to enhance the impact and effectiveness of our collective efforts.

On the last day, we gathered one last time to summarize the key takeaways and highlights from our time in Asheville. The deep sense of camaraderie and mutual respect within the group was evident as we synthesized our discussions and celebrated the progress made. In the wake of recent wildfire crises, we also dedicated a portion of our conversation to addressing this pressing issue. By pooling our knowledge and resources, we hoped to contribute to the mitigation and prevention of future wildfires, further highlighting the importance of our work.


It was a great experience, and it was fun meeting people in-person. I felt like the retreat not only solidified our bonds as a community but also instilled a sense of purpose and determination to contribute to meaningful change in the field. 

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