Office Days!

Hello everyone! These past few weeks were relatively slow ones in terms of field work and pictures being taken. I did a lot of office work, working with a data sheet and learning how to code in the “R” language, but here are a few highlights from when I got a break from the desk.

This week, I had a site visit with Stephanie on Monday and we went to PDX Sliders for lunch. I had a great time meeting her for the first time in person. We went over my plans for the rest of the internship and talked about all my upcoming and previous field work opportunities!

Here are some of the pictures I took whilst on Pier 39 in Astoria. The photo on the left is of the Hills of Washington past the Columbia River. On the right, I took a photo of the one of the ships that was most likely waiting for a Sandbar Captain to guide them out of the port.

After these pictures from the pier, we went to help set up the Sea Otter restoration open house with the rest of the group from the OFWO (Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office) and Newport Office. We had a blast helping set up and watching everyone present their topics and interact with the community!

This is about it for field work or pictures for the week. I was learning how to code and work in R and RStudio for the first time and this was a fun experience. I enjoyed learning through Erin’s previous projects and seeing just how helpful learning and knowing code can be in terms of presentation and getting information out of data. I am still learning new tricks and resources to use in order to improve this skill.

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