Getting Started!

My first two weeks working remotely as a Volunteer and Partnerships RA have not been super eventful, but I’ve learned a lot! I spent my first week creating fact sheets for our new Eastern Region Volunteer and Services SharePoint site that cover information such as volunteer reimbursements, volunteer background checks, and different workforce development programs, including the RA program. These were made to allow people to have all the general information on these processes and programs in one place rather than searching through multiple resources. This was also a great task for me as I learned a lot and have a much clearer understanding of what I will be doing and the volunteer and partnerships side of the Forest Service. My second week consisted of continuing to create fact sheets, pieces of training, and more research on volunteer processes and other related information. I’ve also had a handful of meetings that have allowed me to meet many incredible people and learn about interesting projects people are working on. Although I don’t have the most exciting tasks, I enjoy this position and learning new information about volunteering with the Forest Service!

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